Vision Statement:

We believe the love of God in Jesus changes everything.

Doctrinal Matters:

We believe that each congregation of Christ's church is uniquely called to serve and answers to God alone. We seek to diligently study scripture to better understand the heart and mind of God and to submit ourselves to His truth and His will for us as a body of believers in this community. To that end, we desire to serve God alone and not the traditions of men. In this quest, we have come to believe that some of our traditional interpretations and practices have been guided more by historical movements, conditions, and cultural norms than by sound theology and exegesis. Where tradition has bound us from fully living out the truth of the gospel we have set aside the traditions of men for the sake of the gospel message. When change occurs, we do not proceed recklessly or rapidly, but through extensive study, prayer, patience, and preparation.

One of our non-traditional practices for a Church of Christ is the participation of women in our worship services. Women regularly participate in worship, reading scripture, sharing testimonies, offering prayers, and serving communion. We have begun to include instruments into our times of praise. It is important to note that we hold that the spiritual leadership of the congregation is the responsibility of godly men (shepherds) and that our leadership model is the Great Shepherd who came to serve and not be served; who taught and practiced spiritual leadership that was and is very different from how the world perceives leadership.