Corona Virus Update

To Our Church Family,


There is a lot of news out there about the Corona Virus.  The Sonoma County health department has issued a state of emergency, following the lead of the governor’s office and many of the local governments within California.  Taking into account everything that both the state and the county are recommending, we have decided to cancel all events here at the building with services resuming on March 29th


There are many reasons why we have made this decision.   We care about the health of our members, and we don’t want anyone to be exposed to the Corona Virus while they are here at church.   But this is also a way for us to love our community.   One of the primary ways that we show we love God is by loving and caring for our community.   By not having services, we love those who are most at risk to the virus, and we love our neighbors by doing our part to ensure that the virus does not spread. 


We trust our God when things are going well, and we trust him when the world around us is out of control.   We have a God is who is bigger than whatever challenges may come our way and we encourage you to trust Him now.   Don’t allow fear to gain a foothold in your heart.  


Brice’s sermon will be online this Sunday for anyone who would like to listen to it.   We are going to explore having a video option for the following Sunday.   Please check our Facebook page and website for any and all updates.   Stay safe out there.