Don Roberts - Elder


DonAndSusie Small

Don has been active in this church’s leadership since 2003, as a Deacon before becoming an Elder. Don has been in construction since 1975, shortly after graduating High School.

He and his wife Suzie (who met in High school) were married in 1977, and have two sons, Dan and David. They also currently have two grandchildren.

Don’s passions involving the church include his ministry with the “Monday Night Dinners” where a dedicated group of wonderful helpers cook and feed between 20 and 50 unsheltered guests each week. His other passion for many years has been leading the “Men’s ministry” here at Sonoma Ave. He also claims golf and hunting; as well as, camping with their RV; as well as, other passions in he and Suzie’s life.

Don and Suzie both love the Sonoma Ave family deeply and have been blessed to be a part of it for many years. Suzie enjoys singing and participates on the “Praise Team” weekly; as well as, putting her feet in the sand on any beach she can find. She also lends a hand caring for her grandchildren during the week when she’s not working as a part time Bookkeeper.