The Story - A New Kind of Family

January 20, 2019 Speaker: Brice Smith Series: The Story

Passage: Hebrews 10:19–10:25

Acts 18:1-11 NIV


The problems in Corinth:

  1. They were arguing and claiming superiority over one another based on who had baptized them. Power struggles within a community is nothing new. (1 Cor 1)
  2. Everyone thought that they knew better than everyone else (1 Cor 2)
  3. They were not listening to those (Paul) who had introduced them to Jesus (1 Cor 4)
  4. They particularly struggled with the issues of sex and immorality.
    1. Within the church a man was sleeping with his father’s wife. (1 Cor 5) and in general they were hanging out with people who had no interest in being like Jesus. This was not helping them
  5. They were suing one another in the courts instead of handling things amongst themselves. (1 Cor 6)
  6. They thought freedom in Christ allowed them to do anything.
  7. They were participating in feast where the food was sacrificed to idols (1 Cor 10)
  8. Their times of worship were an absolute disaster with people talking over one another and putting others down based on what gifts they had. (1 Cor 11,14)
  9. They would take communion first but whoever got there first would eat all of the bread and drink all of the wine until they were drunk not leaving anything for anyone else. (Chapter 11)
  10. They did not really understand the resurrection and therefore the gospel. (Chapter 15)


Additional Scriptures:


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