Brice Smith - Preaching Minister



Brice has been in ministry in one form or another since he was 19 years old. He is a little bit older than that now. He has been a worship minister, youth minister, and preaching/lead minister.  He was the youth minister here at Sonoma Avenue from 2001 to 2007 and returned as the preaching minister in 2015. 


Brice has a passion for teaching.  He believes that the Bible has so much to say to us, that we will never be able to absorb all of it.  In his sermons and classes, Brice strives to incorporate elements of sociology, psychology, and literary analysis in order to draw people into the subtext of the passages they are studying.  He believes that many times this makes the bible more relatable to us today.


Brice particularly has a passion for mental health.  As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for much of his life, he believes that the church needs to be better prepared to walk alongside those who struggle with their mental health.  Brice has spoken to high schools, churches, and at lectureships about his experience with mental health and how the church can better serve those who are hurting. As he has said many times, “The church is a place for those who are broken, not exclusive to those who think they have everything together.”


When he is not doing something, ministry related, Brice can be found hanging out with his family.  His wife Neisha, their two kids and three dogs keep him busy.  He also loves to read, cook, shop for other people (yes really), draw and write.