Statement of Faith

Our Vision Statement:  We Believe that the love of God in Jesus changes everything.

We are for:

  • God – God created us in His image. God loves us and is for us. We desire to be for the things that are important to God.
  • Jesus – Jesus is the visible expression of God’s love for us. He is our living hope because of His death, burial, and resurrection.
  • Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit is the invisible and powerful presence of God in God’s children. He is a person who guides and empowers those He indwells.
  • People – All people are created in the image of God and are of inestimable worth to Him. Jesus died for all people. We love and serve people because they are valuable, and not because they are needy.
  • Community – God created us to be a family, a functioning body defined by love for one another. Our love grows as we serve each other and the larger community around us.
  • Gathering – We enjoy one another and gather at many times and places during the week to praise God and encourage one another.
  • Worship as praise – God is worthy of praise because of who He is and regardless of circumstances. We are for any form of praise that honors God and brings glory to Him.
  • Worship as service – God is love and the best way we can demonstrate that we understand this is by serving Him by serving others.
  • Baptism – Baptism is how we identify ourselves with Jesus. It is something we surrender to and provides us a great opportunity for celebration and praise.
  • Communion – We celebrate communion every Sunday because we want to remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus that give us hope and purpose. As we gather around the table in other times and places we remember Jesus as we break bread or share a meal together.